The National Honor society was founded in 1921 and is one of the most widely recognized co-curricular student activity organizations. It is estimated that active membership exceeds 1 million students per year. Colegio Maya’s National Honor Society Eagle Chapter is one of many NHS organizations around the globe, in which students aim to improve their surrounding communities by actively participating in service and leading by example through demonstration of the society's four key pillars: scholarship, service, leadership, and character.

What We Do

Throughout our website, you will be able to see the diligent work conducted by the 47 members in the 2020-2021 Colegio Maya Chapter. Some of our most important projects and partnerships at the moment include:

  • Christmas Baskets: Annual tradition for the school's maintenance workers.

  • Alcance Por Mi Barrio: Partnership with a community center for at-risk youth in which NHS provides students with a variety of after school activites (e.g. cooking, basketball, robotics, debate)

  • Guerreros Por Guate: Annual nationwide race organized and led by NHS students.

  • Workers: Weekly nutrition, English, and technology classes and semestral convivios/fun days offered to Colegio Maya's maintenance workers.

  • MAIA: Partnership with MAIA Impact School: An all-female, indigenous-led secondary school in Panajachel. NHS students provide weekly English lessons and discussions with the Girl Pioneers at MAIA.

Christmas Baskets

Alcance Por Mi Barrio

Guerreros Por Guate