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Our Purpose

The MAIA Committee aims to facilitate the logistics for organizing the English conversations, creating and applying new and better ways for instruction, and ultimately, finding ways to make the relationship between Colegio Maya and MAIA a long-lasting partnership. Currently, the MAIA committee is divided into three sub-sections: Leadership Summit, Kaqchikel Program, and Resources.

Kaqchikel Workshops!

We are thrilled and excited to announce that the girls at MAIA Impact--an all indigenous girl school near Lake Atitlan--will be offering Kaqchikel Workshops to secondary students, parents, and teachers. For those of you who may not know, Kaqchikel is a Mayan language at the heart of Guatemalan culture, and as residents of this country, this is an opportunity for you to get introduced to it as well as develop a bond with the girls at MAIA.

We are offering two non-consecutive workshop dates so that those of you who cannot attend one have the opportunity to attend the other. These meetings require advance registration, so please do so with the following links:


Learning about new cultures! On December 9, 2020, Colegio Maya students from NHS and MAIA students had a cultural exchange day, where they get to learn about new cultures. Some cultures/traditions we will present includes Thanksgiving, Korean Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Hangul Day. MAIA students taught us about their traditions as well!

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