NHS RACE - April 12th - May 16th

NHS is thrilled to present our first-ever virtual Guerreros Por Guate race, which will take place beginning April 12th and finishing May 16th. This will be an exciting and memorable opportunity to continue our tradition of the Maya race, only this time, it will look a little different. The aim of this race is to unite our community even more while supporting Alcance Por Mi Barrio students, so we would love it if you could help us by participating in this race or collecting funds to donate to Alcance!


Race Distance Tracker (Responses)

Form to Log Your Distance

How to Participate

Watch the following video.

  1. Register for the race through this Google Form. You may pay either through GoFundMe or through el Banco Industrial, and can register individually or with a group.

  1. You will receive a kit from one of our sponsors, Hugo. They will be delivered to you on the first day of the race if registered before April 10th, or on the last day of the race if registered later. Students attending in-person school may pick up their kits at school.

  2. Complete your distance goal in any way you’d like, whether it be walking, running, biking, etc.

  3. Track your distance throughout the month using a tracking app or other tracking method (i.e. Nike Run Club, Apple Watch, etc).

  4. When the race starts input your distance on our website.

  5. Have fun!

You may run wherever you’d like, as long as you’re abiding by the proper COVID-19 guidelines! Some tracks we suggest are Estadio Erick Barrondo and Estadio Doroteo Guamuch Flores (Mateo Flores), but running in your neighborhood works just as well.

Prices/Group Package Options:

1 Ticket: Q100

2 Tickets: Q195

3 Tickets: Q285

4 Tickets Q370

5 Tickets: Q450

  • Sign up through the registration form

  • Purchase your tickets through one of the following methods:

Race FAQs

Will there be a prize for this years race?

Due to potential instances of cheating and miscalculating distances, there will NOT be a prize for this years top participants. However, all registrants will receive a kit including a bag, water bottle, shirt, and medal.

How can I/my group log our distances?

Distances of all kinds of activities (running, walking, swimming, etc) can be logged through this Google Form, in which they will displayed on a live leaderboard throughout the duration of the race. You can log your distances all at once or every time you complete an activity as the form allows for multiple submissions.

Can I/my group run more than our planned distance?

YES, you are welcome to exceed your planned distance and run/bike/swim/etc as much as you want!

Is it too late to register now that the race has started?

YES, the last day to register is May 14th, but we encourage you to register as soon as possible so that you can start logging your distance.

Do you have any additional questions?

Please add your questions/concerns in this Google Form. You will be contacted immediately by an NHS member.

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NHS annual Guerreros Por Guate Race 2018

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