What is Alcance por Mi Barrio?

Alcance is a youth center that provides education and activities for at risk children and teens.

The goal of Alcance is to keep said children and young adults out of gang violence and other dangerous possibilities by removing free time and instead providing useful yet fun learning activities. At maya we have been working with Alcance for over 2 years and have developed a plan where we help provide activities to keep them entertained.

COVID-19 Update

This year we have adapted to the current situation by moving all of our activities to an online system. Due to Alcance’s lack of internet access we have had to search for new ways to reach out and teach in entertaining ways. We have implemented a worksheet and video method that essentially covers all of the clubs we used to run for them in an online fashion. Every two weeks whenever Alcance sends out help packages to their community members we send out worksheets of different fun activities.

We currently offer worksheets and videos for drawing, English, math, young children (activities specific to those who are still in their early stages of childhood), dance, drama, painting, and crafts. The videos are a tool that facilitates the worksheets by showing examples of the completed work or step by step walk throughs of how to do said activity. We plan to continue this plan either until we are back going to Alcance for in person sessions or until their goods delivery program ends.

Crafts– Pájaros de Papel.mp4

Off-Grid Crafts Lesson

Alcance Math Week 6 Level 2.mp4

Off-Grid Math Lesson

Alcance - PE (Week #8)

PE Worksheet

Hoja Ejercicios de Ingles semana 8 / Level #1

English Worksheet

How Can You Help?

You can donate to the cause directly for the Alcance kids, we buy materials, necessities for the facilities, and more.

100% of your donation will go for the Alcance cause.