Hats For Heroes

Our Purpose

Hats For Heroes is a service project that arose during the pandemic. Near the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year news reached us that there was a shortage of medical caps at numerous hospitals throughout the country. With the help of a few donations from community members, we acquired a number of sewing machines, bought fabrics, also got some fabrics through donations, and began sewing medical caps. Very few members actually knew how to sew, so it was a learning journey for everyone, but very soon we gained the experience necessary and began making significant amounts of caps. We worked during lunch periods as well as on the weekends when we'd host sewing sessions open to NHS and community members. This has likely been the service project that has most involved community members outside of NHS.


This year, we have made a total 8 deliveries of hats to different health centers around the country. Two were made to Hospital general San Juan de Dios, one to Centro de vacunación guardia de honor, one to Hospital de obras sociales del Santo Hermano Pedro, two to the IGSS in Quetzaltenango, one to the Area de salud in Chiquimula, and one to the Centro de vacunación in Huehuetenango. A total of at least 380 hats were sent out in those deliveries. Moreover, each cap was sent out with a handwritten card with an encouraging and thankful message, to provide a personal touch and remind the healthcare workers how appreciative we are of their work.