March 2022

Guerreros Por Guate Race Campaign

The NHS race committee has decided on our 2022 Guerreros Por Guate race campaign: Corre Por El Futuro (Run for the Future). We are so excited to have an in person race for the first time since 2019! The race will be held in Cayala on May 15th. Stay on the lookout for more important updates and for the upcoming ticket sale!

Hats for Heroes Saturday Session (03/26)

We held another Hats for Heroes saturday session at the end of this month. We had members, teachers, and parents from the community come out to help make and prepare scrub caps for delivery to medical staff around Guatemala!

Workers In-person Classes

While it has been hard to adjust to the pandemic in regards to executing service activities, we are overjoyed to now be teaching the maintenance staff our weekly Exercise/ Nutrition classes in person/ on campus! We look forward to moving back towards what service looked like pre-pandemic!